December Schedule Changes

Dear Church Family, 

  I am sure that you are very aware of the increasing Covid-19 numbers in our county and state.  Our local hospitals and our local schools are presently adjusting their activities in response to the increase.   After conferring with our staff and also with our chairman of deacons, we feel the need to adjust our schedule at this time.


A) What is going to change:

1) We will NOT host “in house” Sunday School for the month of December.  That means that Sunday School classes will need to return to their “Zoom” meetings for now.

2) We will also move our worship time back to 10:30 am to allow SS classes the time to Zoom and then to come to worship.

Note: We will make a decision about returning to in house SS for January at the end of the month of December.


B) What will remain the same.

1) We will CONTINUE  to host in house worship with children’s church and a nursery. (However, as I have already stated, at 10:30 am)

2) We will CONTINUE to host Sunday night youth small groups and Wednesday night Awana and youth worship.  We will continue to host these groups because they are not in small rooms (like Sunday School) and  they can socially distance more effectively.

3) We will CONTINUE to allow small groups like D-Life to use our buildings. However, they must meet either in the sanctuary, in the chapel, or in our largest SS classrooms which would allow them to socially distance effectively.  This means that if an adult SS class desired to meet during the week here at the church, that would be possible.  But again, they would need to meet in a large enough area to socially distance.


Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.  As you are well aware, both our schools and hospitals are having to make regular adjustments as to how they are operating, and we are no different from them.  Thank you for your faithfulness to worship and serve the Lord, even as we are having to make regular adjustments to how we are operating.  I love each and appreciate each of you!  God bless, Bro. Tommy