Returning to Church Guidelines

Returning to Church Guidelines

****Update July 29th: We will resume in person services on August 16th. See this post for more updates


Dear Church family, we are continuing with our plan of returning to in-person worship on June 28th, 2020. Please note in the paragraphs below the measures we will be taking to ensure a safe and meaningful return.

We will offer two services each Sunday at 8:00 am and 10:30 am. We will offer more worship services as the need becomes available.   The services will also be live streamed for those who choose to worship from home

  • We are requesting that you pre-register weekly for the service you plan to attend. This will help us to best manage our services and be sure there is a spot for everyone
  • There are 150 seats available for each service. When the limit for either service is reached, no more registrations will be allowed for that service
  • There will be no nursery or children’s church at this time

To Register:

Online: Follow this link  and click the blue “Register” button

Via Phone: Call our office this week Monday-Thursday, 9 am-2:30 pm at (256) 828-1607

Masks are required and the reasons are below:

1) We are charged by God to shepherd the flock of God (which means to take the absolute best care of everyone) and

2) Medical professionals almost without exception highly recommend masks and

3) Being in a church building seated near others for upwards of an hour while singing is much different than being at Walmart or Lowes and

4) We would be heartbroken, if as leaders, we contributed to someone becoming seriously ill or even dying while not following the safest protocols and

5) We will engage in congregational singing which is one of the activities about which some experts encourage caution. Therefore, masks will allow our congregational singing to be a safer experience for everyone and

6) Many who are either older or who have physical issues would either be put at even greater risk if they attended or even prevented from coming if we did not wear masks—for all those reasons, we feel that we must require masks.  This is one way that we show 1 Corinthians 13 love to one another.

As you arrive:

  • Please enter through the front doors of the fellowship hall only
  • We will offer hand sanitizer to those who need it
  • We will offer masks to those who forget theirs
  • Avoid congregating in the fellowship hall or in small groups once you come into the building. Please adhere to strict safe distancing protocols
  • Deacons will be available to help you find a seat
  • Families must sit together
  • Only the main restrooms in the hallway outside of sanctuary and the restrooms on the walking track will be open. Children’s areas will be closed

As you leave:

  • Allow the rows nearest to the fellowship hall to exit first. The back door, which is actually a fairly convenient exit to our upper parking lot, will be open as well and you may exit through that door if you desire

Sunday School will not be meeting at the church at this time.


We are making efforts to be as touchless as possible.

  • All doors will remain propped open
  • Please avoid greetings that involve touching (i.e. fist bumps, handshakes, hugs, or high fives)
  • Tithes and offerings will be collected in boxes at the entrance to the sanctuary. A deacon will be standing nearby.
  • Printed bulletins, contact cards, or pens will not be available

We care about your well-being and that of all who are in attendance. If you are not feeling well (fever, coughing, or shortness of breath) or have underlying conditions, please do not attend. Join us for online worship at home.

Thank you church!  We can’t wait to see you! 

Bro. Tommy, Staff, and Deacons of FBC Meridianville