Rocket City Missions

A Word from Bro. David

When we take a Biblical look at missions it’s not “either or”, it’s “both and”.  We are to be involved across the street but we are to be touching uttermost parts of the world with the gospel.  In our student ministry at FBCM we try to challenge our students with missions opportunities here and abroad.  One local project that we are involved in is Rocket City Missions.  We work with the city of Huntsville and roof a house during the summer.  This past week 13 students and adults braved the heat and re-decked and roofed the house of a homeowner in North Huntsville.  It was a blessing for me as Student Pastor to watch our team share the love of Christ by serving someone in need.  As the homeowner shook every hand of our team, he voiced a “thank you” for doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself.  Folks that’s missions and that’s our calling!