March & Going Forward Schedule

This Sunday (March 7th) we will return to in-person Sunday School for those classes that choose to do so.   We will continue to follow the guidelines provided by our state which are that we use masks and we socially distance.

We are returning to normal Sunday School and worship times and, other than for Easter, we do not plan to adjust them again.  Therefore, Sunday School will be at 9:00 am and worship will return to its normal time at 10:15 am.   

Our Easter Services on April 4th will be as follows.

a) There will be no “in house” Sunday School that day.

b) There will be three worship services:  8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am.

c) There will be nursery and children’s church for the 9:30 and 11:00 am services.

d) There will be no nursery or children’s church for the 8:00 am worship service.


Here are the plans of each Sunday School class:

– Resuming in their classroom: Elizabeth, Esther, Friendship, Jabez, Joshua, Mark, Matthew, Men’s Class, Ruth, Young Adults, and the 9am Young Married Class (the Young Married Class is splitting into two classes meeting at different times on Sunday).

– Meeting in the home of members:  1pm Young Married Class.

– Offering Zoom or Google Meet as a way to join in: Fishes and Loaves, Elizabeth, Joshua, Mark, and the 1pm Young Married Class.

– Not resuming at this time: Richburg, Romans, Senior Men.

February Schedule

For the month of February, we will return to in-person Sunday morning worship and most other events. Masks and socially distancing are required when inside, but we no longer need you to register online for worship services before attending.
Kids Worship, nursery, AWANAs, student worship, student small groups, and D-Life groups will all resume inside the church building.
Sunday School (including the students’ Donuts and Devotions) will not resume for the month of February, due to not having room to social distance in our classrooms. Several groups meet online at 9:15, which is why the main service is pushed back to 10:30. It will continue to stream on YouTube and Facebook, and we are glad to have so many people join in that way. We will announce March plans closer to the end of this month.  We look forward to the day that we can all worship together again safely!

Online Services & Small Groups Only during January

Dear Church Family,

Please note that we will NOT have “in house” worship or small groups for the month of January (January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th or 31st).

Please make note of the following items:
A) The church campus will essentially be closed except for staff for the month of January as it was back in April-July.
B) This is what I have shared with the staff and deacon body:

“I have spoken with our chairman of deacons (Claude Rigsby) and I have also been in touch with our  church staff regarding our plans for the month of January.
Due to the fact that Covid-19 numbers have been peaking at their highest numbers in Alabama in recent days (regularly between 4,000 and 5,000 cases per day), we are going to return to virtual worship services for the month of January.
That means that we will have no “in house” worship services or small groups for the month of January.  While we obviously dislike doing this, it seems like both the wisest and safest thing to do. January could be extremely difficult for Alabama and especially for our hospitals if the effects of family gatherings continue to impact Covid-19 numbers in our state like Thanksgiving gatherings seem to have done. We will make a decision about our February plans during the last week of January.”

C) The good news is that the Covid vaccine is being “rolled out” even as I type this note.  Hopefully and prayerfully, things could be significantly different in a few more months as the effects of the vaccine began to be seen.
D) Regarding Wee-Care: Wee Care follows the schedule and plans our Madison County school system and they will continue to do that.  If Kim Hutto, our Wee-Care director, changes anything about Wee-Care, I will let you know.
E) Regarding January Youth D-Now: Bro. Joe will issue an update tomorrow, but it will most likely be moved to a later date.

Thank you for your continued godly, spiritually mature, flexibility during these days.  Thank you also for praying for your staff and deacons as we negotiate the challenges of these days as well.

I love you FBC! Better days are ahead!   Love in Christ, Bro. Tommy (and staff and deacons)

December Schedule Changes

Dear Church Family, 

  I am sure that you are very aware of the increasing Covid-19 numbers in our county and state.  Our local hospitals and our local schools are presently adjusting their activities in response to the increase.   After conferring with our staff and also with our chairman of deacons, we feel the need to adjust our schedule at this time.


A) What is going to change:

1) We will NOT host “in house” Sunday School for the month of December.  That means that Sunday School classes will need to return to their “Zoom” meetings for now.

2) We will also move our worship time back to 10:30 am to allow SS classes the time to Zoom and then to come to worship.

Note: We will make a decision about returning to in house SS for January at the end of the month of December.


B) What will remain the same.

1) We will CONTINUE  to host in house worship with children’s church and a nursery. (However, as I have already stated, at 10:30 am)

2) We will CONTINUE to host Sunday night youth small groups and Wednesday night Awana and youth worship.  We will continue to host these groups because they are not in small rooms (like Sunday School) and  they can socially distance more effectively.

3) We will CONTINUE to allow small groups like D-Life to use our buildings. However, they must meet either in the sanctuary, in the chapel, or in our largest SS classrooms which would allow them to socially distance effectively.  This means that if an adult SS class desired to meet during the week here at the church, that would be possible.  But again, they would need to meet in a large enough area to socially distance.


Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.  As you are well aware, both our schools and hospitals are having to make regular adjustments as to how they are operating, and we are no different from them.  Thank you for your faithfulness to worship and serve the Lord, even as we are having to make regular adjustments to how we are operating.  I love each and appreciate each of you!  God bless, Bro. Tommy

Schedule Changes for November

Dear Church Family,
We have decided that this Sunday’s service will be virtual and that we will not host in-house worship this Sunday. We will share the service as we have done in the past at 10:15 am at our normal time via the church Facebook page and YouTube.
We have made this decision due 1) to the ever increasing COVID-19 numbers in our community and 2) we also have a variety of staff members and key leaders who are presently quarantined due to their exposure to COVID-19from a variety of sources. We feel that it is best to exercise an abundance of caution this Sunday.
Therefore, our schedule for the next three weeks will be as follows:
Sunday, November 22nd: Virtual Service and no in house worship. Our worship service will be presented via Facebook and YouTube at 10:15 am as we have done in the past. No Sunday Night Activities.
Wednesday, November 25th: No Wednesday Night Activities.
Sunday, November 29th: In house worship with nursery and children’s church. No Sunday School. No Sunday night activities.
On Monday, November 30th, we return to our current normal weekly schedule of adult, youth, and children’s activities and the buildings being open for small groups (D-Life and others).
Sunday, December 6th: We will return to in house Sunday School, and we will have worship with nursery and children’s church as normal.
Thank you for your understanding.
Love in Christ, Bro. Tommy

Resuming Sunday Morning Schedule

Starting October 18th, we will be resuming our normal Sunday morning schedule of Sunday School at 9:00 and the worship service at 10:15, and all classes will be able to resume meeting inside if they wish. Nursery, preschool, kids Sunday school, and kids worship will all resume. Masks will be required for everyone kindergarten age and over. Sunday night and Wednesday night activities will not be resuming at this time, though Wednesday night sermons will continue to be posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Parents, please enter the Fellowship Hall doors and either drop your kids off in the Fellowship Hall (if school aged) or walk them to their classroom (if preschool). The preschool hallway will have signs indicating one-way hallways in order to limit interactions, so you will need to exit at the end of the hallway and reenter through the Fellowship Hall doors to proceed to the worship center. Pickup from Kids Worship will be outside under the chapel awning.

Please continue registering prior to attending the worship service each week, so that we are able to accurately plan to socially distance. Register here:

Community Food Pickup Ending

Due to running out of funds, we will not be able to host our Community Food Pickup anymore. We have valued being able to provide food bags for so many families each Monday since March, and have heard so many stories of people being impacted! Thank you for letting us serve you.

Community Food Pickup

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, First Baptist Church of Meridianville is partnering with Lunches of Love to provide bags of nonperishable food and snacks to any community members in need. Food bags can be picked up on Mondays from 10am-noon at First Baptist Church of Meridianville outside the main entrance to the worship center. Bags are delivered via drive-thru, so there’s no need to get out of your car.

Please fill out this form in order to help us prepare for how many bags will be needed:

Resuming In-Person Worship August 16th

Starting August 16th, we will resume in-person services. The services will be at 10:30, in order to allow time to drive to the church from a Sunday School class meeting. We will live stream it online on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. There will be no nursery or children’s church, but we will have outdoor Sunday school at 9:00 am for children ages 3 years old-6th grade. Adult Sunday Schools will continue to meet at their own discretion either virtually, in homes, or outdoors at the church building. We look forward to worshiping with you in person again!

COVID-19 Precautions:
-Masks are required, except for children age 2 and under
-Families will sit together and all other individuals will observe social distancing
-Enter through the front doors of the Fellowship Hall only
-Adhere to strict social distancing protocols and avoid congregating in the Fellowship Hall or in small groups in the sanctuary
-Avoid greetings that involve touching
-Only the restrooms in the main hallway outside the sanctuary and upstairs on the walking track will be available
-When exiting, allow the rows nearest to the Fellowship Hall to exiting through the main entrance. The back door is also an available exit
-We will provide hand sanitizer and masks to those that don’t have their own

July Worship Services Update

Dear Church Family,

This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! 

In spite of Covid!

In spite of the lack of peace in our world and in our society!

In spite of challenges we face as individuals!

In spite of the spiritual battles that we face every day!

Today is the day that the Lord has made!

WE CHOOSE to rejoice in the gift of today!


#1: After evaluating the situation with the increasing Covid19 numbers in our state and in our countywe have decided to worship via streaming for the month of July.

There will be no “in-house” services for the month of July.  One of my best friends is a pastor in Limestone County (in a church about the size of ours) and they are now up to 20 confirmed cases in their church. We are making the best decisions that we can make under these trying circumstances. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support.  They mean the world!

#2: While we will not have “in house worship” in July, we are tentatively planning a Sunday evening picnic on July the 26th at 6 pm here at the church.

The church would provide one or two pizzas and water/cokes for each family depending upon the size of the family. The reason we are thinking about a picnic is because an outdoor picnic would allow us to both “socially distance” and also have the joy of seeing one another on the church lawn.

We would also take that opportunity to honor our graduates from high school and college as we did not get that opportunity in May.

We will make a final decision on the picnic next week as we evaluate the state of Covid in our county and state.

#3: Wonderful things are going on even as we deal with the issues of Covid. **This Sunday, Bobby Cooper will be baptizing a teenager that he recently led to the Lord.   **Our D-Life groups and Sunday School classes are forging ahead both through Zoom and through Socially distanced meetings.  **Our men’s Bible study had 16 in attendance this past Tuesday morning via Zoom!  **Our giving to the Lord’s work has remained very strong as we averaged over $17,000 per Sunday in June in general fund offerings while money continues to be given to our Forward by faith and Lunches of Love ministries.  **I continue to receive many positive comments about our online services (which are always accompanied by: “But I can’t wait till we are back in church!” And I always say “Amen!” to that! )

#4: We are continuing to renovate our church buildings during this period of time.  The chapel floor has been replaced with the wood look vinyl and the chapel will be painted this week. Also, our parking lots are now repaired and restriped.  We are also in the process of getting all the panels in the various bathrooms fixed and the preschool wing is in the process of being repainted as well.

#5Both our youth and children are having outdoor, socially distanced meetings on Wednesday nights and those are going well.

 Also, please remember that every Tuesday, I post a study in the Psalms to our website and to our Facebook page.

Also, every Wednesday night, we post a teaching time from Bro. David and Bro. Joe as well.

Also, if you have a topic or passage of Scripture that you would like for me to teach on, email me at! I’ll make sure that I cover it.

Finally, what an honor it is to be your pastor and to serve this great church.  This church body is one of the most committed, worshipful, loving, encouraging, persevering, and giving local churches anywhere to be found! Thank you for the part that you play each day to make this part of the Kingdom of God a joy to our Lord and to this entire church staff!

Yours in Christ Jesus, Bro. Tommy